Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July!

Fourth of July is my sweet mother's birthday! She turned 53! (She will probably be mad i put her age on here..oh well) We started out the day singing happy birthday and the Swedish happy birthday song to her and giving her her presents. She got a awesome beach cruiser! Then we went to Cars 2 with Jayden and Payton. Cute movie. Then we all (+ Trevor) got our bikes and went down to Hell Hole. It was definitely a work out to say the least. We were all red faced by the time we were done. Then we met Jenny and Jade at the house and had cake and ice cream for my mom. Then we all went and hung out in the front yard. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening! Eating otter pops and flying planes. So fun. Then once it got dark we started the fire works! Whoo! Super fun. What a great Fourth of July. Favorite by far.