Monday, August 9, 2010

{ San Diego, that's where i'll go....We'll watch the waves rise as bodies glisten in the sun }

All packed up and ready for San Diego!!
We stopped in Primm, Nevada and spent the night. 
Onto the BEACH!!
 Then we went to Crystal Pier.
We went out walking and we came upon these guys who were 
fire throwers and entertainers. They were so funny!

The next day me and mom went SHOPPING!! It was so much fun shopping in San Diego and everything was pretty cheap!! Then we met up with Luke and Dad and went down to  
OLD TOWN! It was a lot of fun we went shopping in some of the shops and went to a great Mexican Restaurant. YUMMMMM
So overall i had a BLAST!! It was so fun soaking in the wonderful California rays and seeing all the beautiful sights and watching the gorgeous sea come crashing onto the beach. It was way to short!! I had fun spending time with my family and i love them so much!!

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