Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I'm Lovin' / What I'm Wantin'

What I'm Lovin' -

Ray LaMontagne:
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If I could marry anyone (besides Trevor of course!) it would be Ray LaMontagne. Then he could sing me sweet sweet lullabies every. single. night. Check out his Pandora radio station. It's magical.

Julian Bialowas:
His pictures are to die for. I have a few prints hanging up in my room right now. I could look through his pictures all day long. No lie. His pictures are amazing but when he adds typography to it, its genius.
Check him out: Julian Bialowas
Julian Bialowas
I have this print. ^
julian bialowas

Hot Chocolate:
Hot Hot Cocoa
Need I say more?

Army green pants:

I love this color. I wear these pants probably too much.. It's definitely a fall staple this year. Sorry mine are quite wrinkled.

Dark nail polish:

Love it. Especially for fall. Sorry for the ugly hands..


I've been reading these books right now.. I KNOW they are children books... BUT I love them. I've been super sick, so I've been able to read a lot lately! Its been so nice to sit on the balcony with the cool breeze coming at me dipping into another world.

Denim Shirt:

Another fall staple. I LOVE mine. I also love I can wear it so many ways! So versatile.

Cheetah print:

Yet again, another fall staple. I love my cardi too much. Trevor calls me an old lady. Whatever Trevor.


What I'm Wantin' -

Army green anoraks:
I really really really really need this. really.
Again with the army green. But in an anorak!! So cute. I need one. I love anoraks. LOVE EM.

boots boots boots
Need these suckers for the winter.

The Avengers:
The Avengers  - the-avengers photo
The Avengers is an all time favorite. And it came out TODAY! Why I don't have this in my hands right now.. I'll never know.

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