Friday, July 23, 2010


Every year my dad takes some of his cop friends and their families to Moab, Utah and down the Colorado River, and I decided to go along this year! About a week or two before we went we found out a guy drowned going to the river so we decided we better not chance it because the water was too high. So day one me, Luke, and my dad get to Moab. We stop by Grandma and Grandpa Louie's home and dropped our stuff off and talked for awhile. Then my dad took us out to Texas Gulf. On the way there we stopped by this wall of indian ruins. It was so cool. Then we headed out to Texas Gulf where my dad used to work when he lived there. It was quite pretty and i could tell it brought back a lot of memories for my dad. I could tell he was glad we were there to finally see it. He said it was weird thinking that when he worked there he didnt even know about us. We then went back into town and got some ice cream (mint chocolate chip for me!) and walked around the shops. They were all we went back to Grandpa's house and went to bed. That next morning we and the crew + Grandma and Grandpa went out to Newspaper Rock. It is a big rock with TONS of indian writings. Super cool to see. Then we went up to Foy Lake. It was sooo gorgeous! The lake was amazing. Then we went down to Monticello and had lunch at taco time and met up with everyone at the park. The crew went back to Moab while me, Luke, dad, Grandma and Grandpa went down to Brown's Whole...well we tried to get there....but we were going down this really rock road, and my dad decided to check the tire and so we did and the tire was just shredded!! So we had to change the tire and then we just decided to go back to Moab. That night we went to where the crew was staying and had a Mexican dinner. It was really good. Then dad took me and Luke out shopping and for some ice cream. Got some pretty cool stuff. Then went and slept. The next morning we, the crew, and G-ma and G-pa went and picked up the Rhino's and went up to the LaSal Mountains and road around it was GORGEOUS!! We stopped and had lunch up in the mountains and while we were eating we saw a dear. it was pretty cool and then me and Luke had a mini snowball fight in the little patches of snow. Then we started heading down the mountain; me and dad were leading the pack and we turn this corner and we see a BEAR!! and its baby cub!! Sooo cute! But soooo scary!! We all stopped and took a million and one pictures. It was cool. Then we went back to where the crew was staying and had a wonderful meal! Steak and potatoes and all kinds of yummy food. Then the next morning dad went and got a tire and we headed off home. We stopped a little before Richfield at this Indian Museum. It was really cool. I got some cool jewelry and stuff for mom's birthday! Then we went home. It was so much fun spending time with Dad! And Luke and Grandma and Grandpa too. Its a memory I will never forget!!

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