Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deputy Chief Russell Peck

Deputy Chief Russell Peck

Deputy Chief Russell Peck (a.k.a. my daddy) finally retired yesterday February 28, 2011. His retirement was sooooo big! There were so many people there, so many people that had a deep love for my dad. It was a pretty emotional affair. My dad sure did a great job at the St. George Police Department. It was such a great retirement party and everyone was pretty sad he had to go. The speakers all kept saying how he is such an energy giver and is always so happy and positive. I 100% agree. They all had such deep respect for him. He got two standing ovations and there were so many people there that there weren't enough seats. There were a lot of representatives from all over wanting to talk to him and say goodbye. I know the SGPD is sure going to miss him. Its going to be weird when people ask what my dad does... I'm sad he isn't a policeman anymore, but I'm also happy that he is going to be around more often! :) He has a whole list of things he wants to do. So, good luck with your retirement dad! I love you so much!

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The Pecks said...

We feel so bad we missed it but your dad does deserve all the standing ovations. He is an incredible person!!! I love your write-up!!