Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New York: Part 2

AHHHH I can't believe I still haven't wrote about New York!!

After a couple of days we went to NEW YORK CITY!! It was so amazing. When we got there I couldn't believe my eyes. Looking down the streets and it was like the row of buildings never ended. One thing I noticed was that everybody HONKS. It's sooo annoying and completely unnecessary. We first went to the hotel and dropped off our suitcases and then we went walking around. We went to 5th avenue, which is an amazing shopping district! Wow! I finally got to go to H&M!! I've been dying to go there!! It was so amazing. I was freezing and so I bought a big ol jacket for $20! It was so awesome. We walked around for awhile and decided to go to the Empire State Building. It took a long wait but we finally got up there! It was so surreal. Then we went and hung out in Times Square. So fun. and BRIGHT!!

 Awesome guys playing on drumss//buckets
 My favorite looking building
 Looking out of the Empire State Building

 Had to get Pizza in New York!

 Times Square
Paul McCartney's bag!! (In Hard Rock Cafe)

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