Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New York: Part 4

The next day Mom, Dad, and Lincoln went back home and the rest of the crew went walking around New York City and looked at a bunch of sites. Like Carnegie Hall and a lot of awesome looking buildings. We went and walked around Central Park which was so big!! We went to John's pizza. The ambiance was so awesome. It was pretty dim but it was awesome.

Later that night we went to Radiocity and watched the Rocketts Christmas Spectacular! It was so fun! They are amazing! It was a great experience!

Sorry my computer is being lame and so the pictures are out of order.

 Central Park

 That's right. In 3D

 St. James Cathedral
 Carnegie Hall

 This building looked like chocolate

John's pizza

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Torey's Travels said...

Hi. Lacy

I miss you and same hi to Heather and to mike

For me

Love. Torey Blake