Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New York: Part 3

The next day in New York City I woke up sick. Seriously. It's like "Are you kidding me!?" So I was hanging out in the hotel for the morning super sick and I get this phone call from a random number. I didn't answer it and then I got a voicemail. I check it and I hear "Lacy! It's your brother!" I thought.. Mike? I just saw you two days ago? Then I was like.. LUKE! OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!! I just started bawling because I missed the phone call! Luke was supposed to call because he was on his way to Argentina. I called my dad and told him and then I called the number back and he answered the phone! I was freaking out and we were both crying. It was a great experience.

Later that day we met up with Mike, Heather, Logan, Lauryn, and Lincoln. (Londyn stayed with friends because she was sick) We walked around and shopped and went to the hotel and got freshened up and we all went and ate at this awesome thai restaurant. We then took the subway to Macy's. There was an awesome band playing in the subway station. The subway ride was so fun! We got to Macy's so that the kids could go see Santa! That Macy's store had 9 stories!! So crazy! While we were waiting we got another call from Luke! We were supposed to talk to him for awhile but his companion took up most of the time so we only got an hour to talk to him. We all were bawling right there in the food court. It was so sad. We just miss him so much.

We then walked outside and looked at the museum quality window displays. They were beautiful. We all walked to the Rockefeller Center and took picture by the Rockefeller Tree. It was HUGE!!

 Times Square

 I got attacked
 Yes I am under there
Thai restaurant

Messing around at the subway
 an awesome band at the subway
On the subway

Macy's windows
 Rockefeller tree

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